Dominate The Search EnginesĀ  With Video Like Never Before…..

Brand New Video Software Puts Your Videos On Google’s First Page, Bringing You A Flood Of Targeted Traffic & Leads!


From: Mark Dulisse, Online Marketer and Consultant

Date: Monday, 9:45 am

Greetings Online Marketer….

Thank you for visiting my site and watching my cool seo video tool.

I love having my videos in the search engines, and on first page of Google, and getting a ton of traffic directly to my sites. And it is easy….

STEP 1 – Install & Configure The Software

I have a complete video tutorial on how to install this application on your server. You will be up and running fast.

STEP 2 – Enter Your Website That Has Videos You Want Indexed

Simply enter your website information, and if you want XML Video Sitemap Generator to automatically upload the video sitemap to your server, then also enter your FTP information too.

STEP 3 – Click “Start Domain Processing”

The XML Video Sitemap will go to work and automatically scan your entire site and will pick up all your videos and create a video sitemap for you.

STEP 4 – Click “Upload Video Sitemap Via FTP”

You Are Finished!

Wait..there is more…

XML Video Sitemap will automatically Ping your videos to Google, Bing, Yahoo, Ask, Moreover!

How cool is that….

Wait…there is more!

Every time you add a new video to your website, your video sitemap will automatically be updated and will include your new video.

That is sweet!

Check out one of my sites and the video thumbnail here in Google’s search engine:

video sitemap


Here is a just some of the benefits:

  • Get your videos and video thumbnail image in the search engines
  • Easily manage all your Video Sitemaps from one Interface
  • Any upgrades are to the XML Video Sitemap Generator application, making it easy for you to upgrade all your sites with the click of one button
  • Automatically Create An XML Video Sitemap with the push of a button
  • Supports any blog or static site -all (X)HTML content sites (ie, WordPress, Joomla, Static sites
  • Scans Your Entire Domain And Adds Your Videos To Your Sitemap
  • Download or uploads your video sitemap to your domain with one click
  • Automatically updates your video sitemap when you add new videos to your site
  • Complete video and txt file installation tutorial
  • Includes Lifetime Upgrades
  • And Much, Much, More…

Present Supports:

  • Supports both Google Video Sitemap and mRSS (developed by yahoo)
  • Supports flash video extension: flv, mp4, avi, mov and wmv
  • All Video Object Tag format supported
  • Easy Video Player supported
  • Flash Video Player wp plugin supported
  • SWFObject codes for flash player supported
  • Long Tail Video Player supported
  • Traffic Geyser Player supported
  • EZs3 Player supported
  • Title & Description supported via page/post standard meta tags
  • Thumbnails supported via image property
  • HTML5 format support
  • Family Safe support
  • DOES NOT support Youtube videos or video sharing sites embed code


  • I charge a yearly renewal because this technology requires upgrades and support.
  • Google is always changing things on us. Added supports and players are always needing updates. Customers are needing support and help.
  • I have a full time support and expert coders to help you.


  • Software Application
  • Video Installation Tutorials
  • How To Use Tutorials
  • Life Time Upgrades Included
  • Excellent Support To Help You

Simply choose your option below:

Option A: Personal Use License – $97 Yearly

  • Personal Use License means that you are only able to generate a video sitemap for domains that you personally own.


Option B: Developers License – $195 InitialĀ  / $97 Yearly

  • For those seo consultants and webmasters, now, you can manage all your clients video sitemaps from ONE administration control panel.


No Refund Policy Disclaimer: By purchasing The XML Video Sitemap Page Generator, you understand & agree that there are no refunds for your initial purchase. Yearly subscription can be canceled, but you will also receive no upgrades.

Yours in knowledge,

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